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BIJ Stamm, founder

BIJ Stamm

Our 75-year History

BIJ Stamm was the ultimate entrepreneur. He left Europe as a young man determined to fulfill his dreams in the United States. After struggling through the Depression he began to see that dream come true. In 1932 BIJ Stamm opened Oil Heat Utilities in New York City selling high-pressure steam boilers to the garment industry.

Prior to World War II a strong demand for modern oil heating equipment persuaded BIJ Stamm to open his first major manufacturing facility in Palisades Park, New Jersey. It was there that Kresno Stamm Manufacturing Company began and the kerosene fired, vaporizing type oil burner, the Ball Flame, developed. These burners served as the precursor to the modern day automatic oil burner.

By the end of World War II, with the Palisades Park manufacturing facility producing fully automatic oil burners, the Company decided to look for new opportunities beyond the United States. In 1945, a small distribution warehouse was opened in Montreal, Canada to distribute the burners manufactured in New Jersey. Subsequently, warehouses throughout eastern Canada were opened operating under Kresno Stamm Canada, Ltd. Thus began the company's international growth and expansion.

In 1949, realizing that war torn Europe had to rebuild its industrial base, BIJ Stamm opened an office and warehouse in Amsterdam supplying oil burners from the United States. He was the first in the industry to recognize the post war potential for automatic oil heating. Since Europe's heating systems, at that time, were coal and wood fired, he knew there would be a huge demand to convert to automatic oil heating equipment. Thus in 1950 a new company, Kresno Stamm Europa, was formed and the first European manufacturing plant was established in Nijmegen, Holland to supply oil burners throughout Europe.

Continuing his European expansion, in 1951, BIJ decided to open his own warehouse and office in London supplying oil burners from the Nijmegen plant. It was there that the first floor mounted air heater for commercial and industrial applications was developed. In 1957, a manufacturing plant was opened in Reading, England.

BIJ Stamm commuted regularly between the United States and Europe. In 1953 he received an award from United Airlines for flying 100,000 miles and joined what was probably the first frequent flyer program, The 100,000 Mile Club. This was during the days of 16-hour propeller flights to England with stops in Gander and Shannon.

In 1961, working with his son, BIJ merged all the Companies into Stamm International Corporation and continued the expansion both in the United States and overseas. Today Stamm International Corporation's products are sold in over 50 countries. It is the proud parent of a group of global, dynamic, innovative operating companies known for the quality and energy efficiency of their HVAC products. The company prides itself on its customer service.

Stamm International Corporation (SIC) continues to expand its global operations through internal growth, innovative product development and acquisitions. The most recent addition to the Stamm International family of businesses is SFL. SIC acquired the business and assets of Selkirk Manufacturing Limited in August of 2003. Renamed SFL, the company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of chimneys and flues. And more recently, the Company purchased a new building in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in May, 2006 to expand its local operations and in July, 2007 opened a new branch in London, Ontario, Canada.

During its 75+ year history Stamm International Corporation and its predecessor companies have been owned by the same family. Its modest beginning led to its present position of strength and global market penetration. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for all types of industrial, commercial and residential applications.

For more detailed information on the history, products and services of the individual operating companies please click on their name to visit their web site.

  • Powrmatic Inc.
    Finksburg, Maryland, USA (Headquarters)
  • Powrmatic of Canada Ltd.
    Montreal. Canada (Headquarters)
    Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, London (newly opened July, 2007), and Halifax.
  • Powrmatic, Ltd.
    Hortbridge, Ilminster, Somerset, England (Headquarters)
    Dublin, Ireland
  • SFL
    Barnstaple, Devon, England (Headquarters)
    Mullacott, Devon, England